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Increase your DevOps efficiency for faster delivery, better availability, and improved performance.

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Shoreline empowers DevOps to rapidly build control planes that automatically detect and mitigate events.

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Poor operations is bad for your team, customers, and business.

The ticket queue keeps going up and key metrics are regularly red. Your ops team is keeping your service working but are thinking about leaving. Manually addressing issues ticket by ticket means you never get ahead.

Bad operational health leads to fewer features getting to production, higher downtime, and poor performance. Together, this leads to unhappy customers.

You won't scale your business by having operators watching dashboards and manually grinding the ticket queue. But, that's all most DevOps tools do.


Automate your operations

Shoreline is built on rigorous models of adaptive feedback control to remove the large majority of tickets. It provides a fluent, concise ops language allowing your ops team to dynamically take actions in parallel across millions of nodes, consistently and portably across clouds and on-premises. It leverages ML to predict and address issues before they have widespread impact.

Bridge the Gap

Control systems bridge the gap between our understanding and the reality of our systems, transparently increasing uptime and performance.

ops culture

Shoreline helps to imbue ops culture in your organization including oncall, operational review, and large-scale event management.

On prem, Multicloud

Shoreline runs on prem and across all major cloud providers, creating a unified solution for infrastructure management.

Reduce TCO

Shoreline's control systems lead to more efficient scaling and scheduling, saving money while improving operational metrics.